The Year Ends

Last day of 2021 encapsulates what the whole month has been like, oddly warm. This will be among the warmest Decembers on record here and there was no snow at all this month. None, nada, not a flake. Now I’m not one to complain too much about that if the night sky is clear. And it has been, I’ve gotten in some meteor observing and imaging time.

As for imaging, this year was a change for me as I started using N.I.N.A. It has worked very welland is a great open source image acquisition program. Congrats to the development team for all the work and improvements this year! In November I added a ZWO EAF to my telescope. With that and NINA its possible for me to automate a nights imaging if I desire. No more manual focusing, no need for manual target re-centering, I can just sit back and watch meteors all night. Add to that my successful LiFePo battery project it has been a fun year under the stars.

Tonight, the last day of the year, its cloudy with arctic cold approaching. It’s also likely to snow after the start of the new year. I would normally be kicking back enjoying a movie or my usual entertainment shows. Perhaps catching up on Star Trek Discovery now in Season 4. Or The Expanse season 6, although I have yet to watch season 5.

But instead I’ve recently started binging an old TV show, something outside my normal tastes.

Surprisingly good : Why You Should Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.