Happy Anniversary

Credit: Linux Foundation

Today is the official birth of Linux day even though it wasn’t available yet. While I wasn’t there in the beginning I have been around it over 20 years now.

Frankly its rather astonishing how far it has come. The anniversary is based on this message:

I certainly remember my first time loading Linux on a IBM 286 type clone from 3.5 inch floppy disks. Partly because it was painfully slow to do and mainly because you never forget your first. The distro was Slackware and it was a simple install with no X-window system, just a console. I started because I was interested in all things computer and I was employed to support them.

A few years after early experimenting I was deploying a company website server, the first ever for them, using a Digital AXP 150 running Redhat Linux (not sure exact version, have to dig up the disks). Later the website was running on one of Dell’s first ever tower style servers using a free version of RedHat.

Today my main desktop, the one I use for everyday stuff, is Linux Mint. Smooth, fast and free this is a great distro that does everything I need it to. I have Raspberry PIs for several things and the little boards all run a flavor of Linux.

From that simple starting Usenet post above to now where every top super computer in the world runs Linux. The rover on Mars runs Linux. Your smart doorbell, your TV, the webserver sending you this page and possibly your phone.