Instant Nostalgia

As a kid I remember being handed a fresh Polaroid film picture and waiting about a minute before peeling it apart to see the image. It was amazing! Fast forward many years and the digital revolution all but erased that era from my mind. I didn’t know the film still existed until Okie-Tex 2015 when a photographer (sorry I forgot his name) walked up and took our picture:

Ed Wiley, Abby and myself relaxing in the shade at Okie-Tex. Scanned from the print I was given.

I was pretty amazed this film technology still existed. I was told that Fujifilm has been making instant peel film for years. That print I carried home from Okie-Tex has sat on my desk for months. A fun reminder of the trip and a photographic style almost extinct.

A few days ago I read that Fujifilm is discontinuing production of the Polaroid compatible peel type film. Perhaps I should get a pack or two before its gone. When my dad passed away I got the Polaroid Model 180 he used for years. Might be fun to surprise people with ‘instant’ film some time.