The Last Frisbee

This morning I had to make a hard phone call. One I knew was coming for days, the problem was I wasn’t ready. It’s not easy even though he told me it was time. Yes its true, I know this now, your dog will tell you when the time has come.

Last Sunday morning I awoke to find a look in Einstein’s eyes that I had never seen. But I knew right then and there what he was saying and what I had to do. After all these years the tough little guy was ready to go. The puppy Casey had chosen thirteen years ago, that I had seen grow up to be one of the finest dogs I’ve ever had was ready for the next step. I did all I could to make these last days good. Even before that I had known time was short. An outdoor dog all his life the past few months he’d slept in the house. He stayed inside through the brutal heat this summer. He got his favorite treats, even a fresh picked whole red tomato, which he oddly loved to eat.

Last night I threw his frisbee for the last time. He didn’t run and catch it like he did years ago but when he returned a few minutes later there it was gently held in his mouth. Although he was tired and in pain he still wanted to play. But he no longer wanted to eat. I knew that would be the last night. This morning the vet came and like so many days the past few years he went to sleep on the back deck.

There are no regrets, I’d done everything I could to ensure he was happy to the end. For me, I found there is a special finality when you’re the one to prepare the earth and lay your best friend to rest.