Awesome Timelapse

Night sky timelapse photography is an area I’ve been really, really wanting to get into. Here is an excellent composition featured today on APOD:

Frankly it should be viewed full-screen. I love how the author incorporated his setup and prep work into the video.

One Reply to “Awesome Timelapse”

  1. Very nice. Not many of us have the where-withall, including time and money for equipment and travel costs to even try, much less, produce such great videos.

    Howard, I was impressed with your all-night TLV at Okie-Tex a few years ago- truly outstanding … and, you got the best shot of the fireball of anyone that night. I had my Canon 30D with a 50 mm lens on Orion at the time, so I just missed it — dern it! Such is ‘the luck of the draw’ as ‘they’ say.

    Take care.

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