Quadrantids Put On a Show

One of several Quadrantid meteors I caught on camera. Meteor was much more impressive to the eyes.

Night started with clouds moving over my place about sunset, I went to bed early. Woke up at 2:45am CDT to clear skies and after getting powered up with coffee I was observing by 3:30. Here are my actual notes from the night:

03:20-03:30 3 QUA 1 SPO
03:50-04:05 6 QUA 2 SPO
04:17-04:30 5 QUA
03:20-03:30 3 QUA 1 SPO
04:40-04:50 9 QUA 2 SPO
5.8 lm, 29F
05:03-05:14 1 QUA
05:23-05:34 3 QUA 2 SPO
05:43-05:56 10 QUA 2 SPO
06:05-06:15 5 QUA 2 SPO
06:20-06:27 3 QUA 2 SPO

45 total meteors in 1 hour 40 minutes effective observing time. (there will be an app for this). Very good show this morning. It helps I was looking either up at the sky to the NE or NW, if one had been watching to the south they’d have missed a bunch of meteors.

Besides having nice clear skies it was only 29? outside, light wind. There wasn’t even any dew or frost. In January! Amazing.

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  1. Howard,
    I’ve been following your Blog for some time now. I really like your astrophotos, esp those from Okie-Tex and I’ve used your FOV calculator for my lenses. Thanks! I hope some day to get shots of the Zodiacal Light and Gegenschein similar to yours. I’ll have to do those at Okie-Tex – I live just south of Nashville, TN – heap big light pollution.

    I’ve been a little concerned that you haven’t posted since Jan.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Don Horne

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