Meteor Shower Guide Approved

The wait is over, early this morning Apple approved my app. Now the iPhone has a respectable meteor shower reference. You can read a bit more on the support page.

Don’t have an iPhone? An app is available on the Android platform from Chris Wilcox. This has a ‘feature’ I don’t like but understand the motivation for: ads. Another app is available for Windows 7 mobile but I have no idea how well it works or what data it contains (let me know if you try it out).

Obviously I’m pretty biased but I don’t think any other meteor shower app has all the features of Meteor Shower Guide. Now that version 1.0 is released I can start incorporating new features into future releases.

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  1. Howard,

    The app looks good on my iPad. It provides suficient information for those familiar with meteor showers to be helpful. Nice not to always count on Sky &Telescope which is often back home when you need it.

    Thanks for the hard work.


  2. Very interesting. I didn’t realize you could run it on the iPad, I must have made a mistake (thought I had set it to iPhone only in the compiler options). Glad it works ok, during my first testing under the simulator it looked terrible. I updated my xCode version after app submission and the new compile looked correct under the iPad simulator. I will have future updates to better utilize the screen on the iPad, maybe awhile though. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks for the update Don!

  3. It works on the iPad but it doesn’t show full screen. I get an outline which resembles an iPhone but will not rotate (most iPad apps will rotate to portrait or landscape as one rotates the iPad). IPad will usually play iPhone apps in the mode I described above and one can usually hit a 2X button to make the app full screen bit it will only show in portrait mode (i.e., it will not auto-rotate as most iPad apps will as one turns the device.

    If you could modify your app to work more natively with the iPad too, you might get more sales.

    Don Horne

  4. Hey Howard – Adam from Denver (met at Okie-Tex). Great app! Just downloaded it. FYI – 4Gen iTouch, force close when advanced catalog is selected from the settings and you return to the catalog main screen.
    How about sky maps with radials for the noobs out there?
    See you at OT in Sept!

  5. Adam hailing from Denver with kilt? Hey thanks! Interesting problem, you have a crash report on your device from those events now. I can email you directions on how to retrieve and send that to me.

    Now what the heck is it with iPod Touchs? I had another error reported from iPod touch user where it was crashing. Oddly it was fixed by switching to 24hr time format (!)(?) Clearly the touch is not the same as an iPhone (software wise).

    Thinking the maps will be in the (true) iPad edition, it has such a lovely screen!

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