A Lunar Present

Situationfor Mondays eclipse here: bad. Nowhere close was forecast to be clear so I had to sit and see what mother nature provided. Just like 2008. Unlike that year it cleared enough to enjoy this event, something no living person had seen before, a total lunar eclipse on the day of the winter solstice.

There’s something magical about the moon once its into full eclipse. Its big disk floating among the stars is so unlike anything you’re used to seeing. Awesome.

While the conditions were far from perfect I did managed a few pictures, click any image below for larger version:

From left to right: clouds whizzing by during early test shot, partway into eclipse a lunar halo, by the telescope at full eclipse just as more clouds approach and lastly the moon at full eclipse looking a bit soft from under exposure and passing clouds.

Its been many years since I last witnessed a lunar eclipse. It was exciting to experience this event, a good Christmas present.

No peak for me

Second year in a row I’m clouded out for the Geminid meteor shower. No dark site within hundreds of miles was clear. Bummer.