Okie-Tex 2010: Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul NebulaSunday night, 10/03, was windy at the star party. The gusts were pretty strong affecting my tracking so after imaging the comet I decided to stay with my 200mm lens riding piggyback on the telescope. This lens is the ideal focal length for the heart and soul nebula’s so I spent 2 1/2 hours shooting it, click thumbnail for bigger version. The lens performed pretty well stopped down and I used it for several targets this trip.

Speaking of targets, now that I’ve had a chance to review all my imaging data it looks like I’ll have several more deep sky images as well as a few comet pictures. Comet shots are more difficult to process as it was moving very fast relative to the stars.

Can’t help but smile as I write, it was a very good star party this year.

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