Updates and Fixes

Updated to WordPress 3.0 tonight.

I’ve finally fixed the damn Moon phase error being displayed on the right column here. Originally I modified MoonPhase Plugin for WordPress to show percent illumination and days until new moon. For the past year its been reporting the wrong phase. Turns out there was a problem in the original code ( incorrect TZ format leading to strtotime error ) .

3 Replies to “Updates and Fixes”

  1. I wish you would have told me about the error so I could have fixed it. Would you mind sending me the code you used to fix it so I can update the plugin? Obviously, I’ll give you credit and link to the page or section of your blog that you’d like me to on the plugin page.

    And, thanks for using the plugin!

  2. Not sure if you’re reading your comments or not, but I updated this code. I don’t think I ever heard from you about the original problem, but I’d sure like to know what you changed to correct the problem you found so I can incorporate that to the newest version.
    Also, I’d love it if you tried the new one to see if it works any better for you.

    Thanks again!

  3. Oh, it wouldn’t let me edit the comment, but you need to update your WordPress to the latest version, too. I was editing my Profile and I saw the banner telling me that you needed to update. Don’t know what version you’re on, but thought you should know!

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