Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

The International Space Station (ISS) flies over Clearfield observatory Tuesday night (7.7.2009) speeding along at 17,500 mph. Photo on right (click for larger image) captured 30 seconds of the nearly ten minute transit across my sky. Taken around 22:06 it was still twilight with a nearly full moon low in the east.

The most amazing part of the night was that it was a clear sky! This has been a very poor year for astrophotography in my area. So I’m rusty, the photographs from camera ridding piggyback in the photo to the right did not turn out very good. Then again it was the first time I’ve tried to capture a fly over by the ISS.

This is a really good week for watching the ISS pass over the United States. Heavens Above has excellent details and charts for pass overs. has a simple listing for pass overs (click the Satellite Flybys graphic on the right).