400 Years of the Telescope

I just finished watching the PBS program 400 years of the Telescope and found it both interesting and frustrating. On the one hand it did go from the early beginnings of the telescope to today but on the other hand it seemed to spend too much time on on general astronomy topics that are beyond most people. Like the expansion of the universe and dark energy. Then to top it off there was no discussion of today’s amateur astronomers and their telescopes. That was a bit disappointing given a younger persons interest in astronomy, or even in science, can be sparked or encouraged by using a personal telescope.

Despite my criticism of the show and how it was put together it was fun to watch.

Under The Stars

Its done! I finished assembling and tweaking my time-lapse movie that documents one night at the Okie-Tex Star Party 2008. Click the image on the right to view or download the file.Warning! 67 megabyte wmv file, it takes awhile to load.

I’m happy to have actually completed a project. Those that know me are now stunned. No its not perfect but it captures the essence of my vision I had several years ago. The vision of the star party as seen from the entrance road early in the morning. The site of a busy little city of star gazers with their red lights out in the middle of nowhere, Under The Stars. I hope you enjoy it!