One Quad

TheQuadrantid meteor shower had pretty good timing for us here in Kansas this year and just like last year it was cloudy. Reportedly the shower was pretty good. From the IMO website it appears we here in CDT would have seen the peak just before dawn so it would not have been a dark sky.

I did see my first official Quad meteor around 23:40 CDT from my backyard. I was noting that it was clear outside when a meteor shot directly overhead. I had to double check the radiant location and sure enough, my first confirmed Quadrantid meteor sighting.

This is a promising meteor observing year!

The 2009 Leonids are predicted to have a potentially high rate, with a nearly new moon. The only bummer is a forecast shower peak during daytime for my longitude. Never the less it will be worth traveling for. Likewise the December Geminids occur during a new moon, arguably the finest of all the annual meteor showers. While the Perseids are somewhat compromised by moon light this year the Orionid and several other minor showers occur at or near new moon. See the IMO 2009 meteor calendar for more information.