OTSP 2008 Cocoon Nebula

New photo posted : Cocoon Nebula (IC5146).

Click image to view the full size version. The Cocoon Nebula looks like a little fireball with smoke coming off it in this image. Taken Sunday night from the Okie-Tex Star Party this year.

3 Replies to “OTSP 2008 Cocoon Nebula”

  1. Hi Howard,
    This is one of my favorites of yours. Not only technically very nice, with tiny, round stars even in the corners, and black blacks, but the composition is striking and dynamic.
    It has a real feeling of movement. I also like the many different types of objects in one shot. Bright emission nebula, varying densities of dark nebula going from barely there to completely opaque, even the subtle coloring of the star areas from cool on the right, to slightly warmer on the left.
    Reminds me of your Rho photo, and I especially like the vdB142, B33, M101, M51, and Rosette photos as well, but this is probably my favorite.
    Nicely done again,

  2. Forgot to mention that the framing is fantastic too. Thirds, diagonals, all the elements.

  3. Thanks Chris! This is one of my favorite targets and frankly I was surprised how well this picture came out. Those dark skies sure help! Don’t ya just wish Camp Billy Joe was closer?

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