APOD For Saturday

My meteor image was selected for the Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) today, October 11th, thanks!

I have updated the page to reflect the correct time for the fireball (or bolide) as provided by Thomas Ashcraf. He has a very comprehensive webpage for that date, highly recommended. I had already noticed that my camera clock was off by a few minutes and Thomas was able to provide exact timing.

Also new on the bolide page is a daytime photograph of the camera location relative to the star party.

Thanks for all email comments!

One Reply to “APOD For Saturday”

  1. The children of our villages will sing your praises for generations!
    It’s amazing how accurately your photograph matches with my memory of seeing it. Slowly building red, then bright green, then the burst. The only thing it didn’t capture perfectly was all the noise from the field when it hit, and the sly grin on your face knowing you probably got it.

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