Its The Diversity

A week ago I was at my sisters house and observed that she has a very nice suburban lawn. Freshly cut it was a rich green color from side to side. Contrast that with my yard that is bristling with every variety of weed. I thought of that contrast this morning as I gazed on the ugly wet dandelion heads that seem to resist being mowed down.

For a short period in spring these weeds are actually attractive. Dandelions are colorful when in bloom and en mass. But more importantly they are a food source for birds. Yesterday I observed a Gold Finch pounce on the dandelion stalk to hold it down for a meal. This morning those weeds brought a beautiful sight as five Indigo Buntings were on the ground eating the dandelion seeds. I have never seen that many Indigos together in one spot but they are unmistakable to identify being blue all over as opposed to the smaller Blue birds that have a reddish breast.

A wonderful collection of birds has been on display at my place today. From the bright flame orange chested Orioles to the Eastern Blue birds. I think my natural yard with its diversity of plants and bugs attracts wildlife like no manicured suburban yard can ever hope to.