Mother Nature Scores Trifecta

First the Geminid meteor shower was clouded over in December, then the Quadrantids meteor shower was cloudy in January. To complete her trifecta mother nature clouded out my view of the February total eclipse of the moon.

It was apparent early in the week that my chance to photograph, let alone see the eclipse was in jeopardy. The weather models had been close to reality for the past days so the upcoming forecast of clouds was not good. Then we got blasted with a strong cold front Wednesday that made me rethink going any distance for this event. My north Missouri dark site had snow on the ground, daytime high of 8 degrees F and a forecast low of 1 degree. Not doing that.

Yet on Wednesday evening things looked possible. To the left is the infrared satelite image showing the approaching front and clouds around 18:00. I thought it would stay relatively clear for awhile. I witnessed the start of the eclipse and marveled at how the Earths shadow was dramatically dimming the full moons glare. Then in came the clouds, just before the complete eclipse started.

Game over man.