Okie-Tex Video clip

I created a short video clip to try and capture some of the magic of the Okie-Tex star party, the look and feel of the stars over the observing field. Click the title screen to the right or click here (5mb WMV file). This is from Wednesday night around midnight. The camera is pointed to the ESE. The activity you see is in the east field, while the west field is out of view to the left right. I am surprised I didn’t capture any hint of the lightning occurring somewhere around Amarillo, TX. You would occasionally see a flash in the night sky from the storms that developed after they passed us.

I have a new appreciation for creating a video clip, it takes time. This video is made from many individual 40 second exposures taken with a Canon 20D. Some color correction and brightness adjustments were done as a recipe through Canon’s DPP. These images were a test of camera placement, field of view and timing. Next year I’ll do a longer sequence and put more processing into the images.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!