Okie-Tex Star Party 2007 – Day 5

Five nights, can we get a straight? Thursday evening is the Great Okie Tex Star Party Giveaway (part one). To my surprise I won a red led flashlight and to the delight of the crowd they were yelling ?how-ward?. This yell started years ago after a couple of high school girls looking for their science teacher were wandering up and down the field. It has continued ever since and is probably very puzzling to a newbie. Rumor has it that the yell happens at the Texas Star Party (TSP).

The night started good and I decided to add exposures to my Cave Nebula image (Sh2-155). Wind was a bit stronger than any of the previous nights but manageable for my setup. I had just started a new target, vdB14, when low clouds began appearing in the east. This was about 1:00am. I checked the infrared satellite images to see how long this would last. It was not showing anything, I?m guessing it was low level moisture that flowed into the area. In little time we were covered over. And in little time I went to sleep.

While I would have preferred to keep imaging, a little break to catch up on sleep was also a good thing. It turns out that it cleared up at 4:00am and a few of the true die-hards were up observing.