Okie-Tex Star Party 2007 – Day 2

Monday night turned out excellent: clear and cool. Seeing improved a bit over the previous night while the transparency was good as well. Sunday night I concentrated on imaging M33 all night, a redo of my previous effort here with longer exposure times. Tuesday it was time for a new target and like last year the Cave Nebula (Sh2-155) is high on my target list. And just like last year I had the hardest time finding and framing the darn thing. Persistence, cussing and kicking paid off – just took forever. I won?t admit how much time I wasted finding it. For most of the night I collected images of that hard found object.

The nighttime low temperature has been a bit cooler than I expected. Monday morning it dropped to 28 degrees. Then with my tent in the sun the temperature climbed to 124 degrees by the time I got up at noon. Freezing to sweating in less than six hours, crazy swing!

Updated 10.15.2007: attached below is a picture of my imaging setup among the dobsonian telescopes in our little group. Taken Monday night near sunset. A small part of the eastern field is visible in this picture (click image for larger size, 1024×760):

My Scope