Mercury Transit

Well the transit is over for me; sun is too low for my location. But you could not have asked for a better day here around Lawrence. Hot and sunny, no clouds!

Of course to look at the sun you need a special filter. I constructed my Baader solar filter for my AP130 scope this morning. I’ve had the material forever and just needed a good excuse to finish it. Works fantastic. The view is bright and crisp. Using a 17mm eyepiece on my scope the suns whole disk was visible with the little dot of Mercury slowly working its way across the sun. A giant new sunspot was visible, dwarfing the little spot that Mercury was.

I did not intend to photograph this event since I was not setup with the right equipment. But I could not resist attaching the Canon 20d to the scope and shooting off a few exposures using eyepiece projection. To be posted later.