Andromeda Galaxy

New Image: M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. Taken at Clearfield Observatory the same night as the M45 photograph I posted a few days ago.

My first good chance to use Phil Anderson’s Nikon ED 300mm lens and it worked pretty well. The field is flat. This lens does need a minus violet filter, bright stars exhibited blue halos. I reduced this in the photograph you see using selective color range in photoshop.

I used my side by side arrangement to carry this lens, and I seem to have problems with balance (and tracking) when I do this. While doing a sequence of exposures an airplane flew through the field of view and upset the autoguider. I lost five exposures due to excessive trailing. I should not have lost that many exposures since the autoguider did not completely lose the guide star. I also had difficulty aligning the sub exposures in IRIS for some reason.