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Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught


Photograph of Comet McNaught

This photograph is a composition of three exposures taken Wednesday morning, cropped from original size. Click image for larger picture (1024 x 1282, 600kb).

Clouds, dew and the end of darkness prevented more exposure time. I also had a few problems and inadvertantly ended up with these exposures shot at f5.6. rather than the f2.8 I intended.

Photograph Information
LocationNorth of Gilman City, MO
LensCanon 200mm f2.8 L @ f5.6
CameraCanon 5D Mark II, unmodified
ExposureStack of 3, 4 minute exposures at ISO 800
Notes60°F, 100%rh, fair to poor transparency at that spot in the sky.

RAW conversion, registration and stacking in DeepSkyStacker.
Adjustments in Photoshop CS2

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