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Snow Day!

Oh boy did I get a good snow event the past 24 hours. What started as rain / slushy snow turned into over 8 inches of accumulation. My CoCoRAHS gauge Tuesday morning:

How the heck does one deal with this situation? There is a simple and short training video that covers this:

CoCoRAHS Training Video for Snow

As to actually measuring snow depth today that was pretty tough. Where I had a snow measurement board it was obvious the wind had affected it. So I used a number of measurements around the property, avoiding obvious drifts, and came up with 8 inches. Thing is the first inch or two of snow on Monday basically melted so this measurement accounts for snow accumulation from about 20:00 Monday until 08:00 Tuesday morning.

Very fun and pretty morning. Maybe not so fun later today when the north winds really start kicking in and temperatures drop.