Okie-Tex 2007 Day 1

Sunday, October 6th, my day one at Okie-Tex Star Party (OTSP), holy cow I think over half the registered attendees arrived on Saturday, one day ahead of me. However, as forecast, Saturday night was cloudy with high winds ? exactly why I did not come down. Been there, done that.

Sunday night started out poor being on the edge of the passing storm system. Yet after midnight it started to clear and we had a very transparent sky the rest of darkness. While the seeing was poor the joy of being under truly dark skies made up for that little problem.

Early in the morning the views were fantastic. Bill was putting on a show with his 22 inch Starmaster. We had a superb view of G1, a globular cluster in the Andromeda galaxy. I also had the best view of the horsehead nebula I have ever seen (H-beta filtered). That?s the beauty of astrophotography, once I was on target and tracking I was free to wander around check out everyone else?s stuff.

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